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The Bowral Handyman

As a qualified carpenter I see too much carpentry work done by the novice handyman and the un qualified carpenter.

Let's get one thing straight.... I'm not here to bag to the handyman services of the southern highlands.

In fact I applaud those who have taken the step in life to go out and start a handyman business in the southern highlands. It can be a tough thing starting a handyman service or any service based business.

So let's be honest! If you have a deck to repair or a door to fix would you want an un qualified low skilled handyman doing the work? I think not.

I offer a handyman service in Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Burradoo and most of the southern highlands. I am a qualified and licensed Carpenter with many years of practical experience. I am very detail orientated and love what I do. It might cost a little more having a professional do the work but at least it is done right and work guaranteed.

Call me on 0405 538 826 or visit me at


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